The popularity of e-commerce websites is growing with each passing day as customers get the benefit of choosing from wide variety of products across numerous categories in addition to attractive offers like online shopping coupon code. The vast number of virtual buyers, though are still unaware about potential pitfalls and some most harmful online shopping mistakes are being listed here that must be avoided by every shopper.

1. Purchasing From An Unknown Entity

One of the most common mistakes that a lot of people commit is buying from a store whose credentials are not verified. These outlets try to lure unsuspecting customers through emails advertising attractive schemes such as Jabong coupon code for today, similar to those proffered by established resellers. Try to ascertain by the genuineness of these operators by first checking whether the email was sent through a professional business account of the organization or from a generic one. Visit the website to see whether the postal address and customer helpline phone number are listed or not and try calling the helpline and enquire about the promotional scheme.

2. Not Reading The Return And Refund Policy

It is essential to read the details of the return and refund policy of an outlet before placing an order with it as most of the time shoppers find out that they are unable to return an item because of unawareness about the stipulated time limit or the ineligibility of the product in question, for the purpose. The scrutiny of all the relevant conditions that apply to the return of a chosen item and the associated policy of refund is as important as checking out the product description and features of the associated offer. Another important information that must be clarified before conducting the purchase, is the cost of shipping as it affects the final pricing of the merchandize.

3. Shopping From Insecure Websites

One of the most harmful online shopping mistakes that will cost any buyer dearly is purchasing items from  websites that are not secure. Shopping from such outlets can expose valuable data about your bank and credit cards to fraudsters and therefore always establish the secure nature of any online store by checking its URL which should start with “https” along with the symbol of a padlock. Another thing that must be kept in mind while shopping from virtual marketplaces is that the use of public Wi-Fi networks for accessing the internet must be avoided as they can be easily hacked to get unauthorized access to your account.

4. Not Conducting Any Price Comparison

The popularity of online shopping has given rise to competition among the various service providers who keep advertising numerous beneficial offers in order to attract more and more customers. This makes conducting a comparison of the price of the chosen item on different avenues along with the associated offers and shipping costs before placing the order. The price comparison should be done not only on virtual stores but also at nearby physical outlets in order to corner the most advantageous deals. Consumers must also search for discount coupon codes before buying so that they can make some extra savings on their purchase.

5. Unawareness Of Beneficial Payment Methods

An online buyer can save money while paying for an item if a suitable method for payment is employed but many people lose out on extra savings because of unawareness about this fact. Every major store has its own wallet that can be used for payment purposes and they provide extra incentives like cashbacks to users who conduct purchases through these wallets. Similarly, every outlet offers benefits like reward points and cashbacks on the use of a particular credit/debit card and therefore knowledge of the most suitable mode of payment is necessary for a beneficial purchase.


The advantages of virtual shopping are numerous but buyers need to be careful and avoid the above mentioned online shopping mistakes in order to have a safe and fruitful experience while conducting their purchases.