Hongsheng is a viral fast growing blog.

Hongsheng, launched in the year 2016, It is one of the fastest growing blogs which was established with a noble goal of  Providing content related to the business health lifestyle and technology on the Internet out of an estimated total of 250+ million blogs.

The objective of the Hongsheng is to assist you in taking maximum advantage and understanding in the following areas.

Business Health lifestyle and Technology

We firmly believe that Business, health technology, and lifestyle are areas that matter most for an individual and that creates a need for learning about those fields and make wiser decisions in those areas.

The team of editors at Hongsheng are pioneers in Business, health technology and lifestyle with years of experience in these areas.

Hongsheng is regularly updated with the best articles, tips, resources with an aim to provide its readers with content that helps them with their lifestyle.

Why Business?

In India more than 60% of our people or the youth are entrepreneurs. Every day many people are leaving their fulltime jobs and establishing their startups. This was created in immediate need for a community which can help new entrepreneurs in running their business successfully.

There are a number of how to guides and informative articles on Hongsheng which can help our entrepreneurs in running their business successfully. Hongsheng helps you to prevent most common mistakes which can potentially harm your business.

Why Health?

There is nothing more important. A typical human being spends 70% of his income towards his health and wellness itself. We pay for food, water fitness equipment and most of our money to the doctors.

Do you know if we just become more aware of our health, fitness, and nutrition we can save more than 25% of our lifetime earnings?

People end up paying thousands of dollars at the hospital receptions because of health issues like obesity diabetics heart problems etc.

Do you know what has caused them in the first place… Our negligence towards health and your lack of knowledge about proper nutrition.

At Hongsheng is regularly updated with content related to healthcare and wellness you can find here various tips blog posts and other stuff which can help you to lead a healthy lifestyle.


We live in a tech era.

Everyday technology is rapidly integrating itself into more and more fields. Now that the internet has deeply penetrated the third world countries like India the digital dividend has become almost negligible.

Until yesterday bitcoin and cryptocurrencies were the face of technology and tomorrow, deep learning and machine learning will rule the future.

We depend on various tech in our daily lifestyle to a level where learning and constantly updating oneself about all the latest tech news has become a must for people these days.

At Hongsheng we have a team of editors just to fulfill that need.

A lifestyle all of the above topics are subcomponents of our lifestyle.

Along with business health and technology related news Hongsheng also publishes content related to the lifestyle which will help our readers to lead a convenient and productive life.

Hongsheng averages 10K+ page views per month, and this number is increasing 25% every month.

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