“Nurture and treat a chatbot like a child-inculcate technology in it with the fulcrum of artificial intelligence and natural language processing: soon, it will transform into a robust and prolific communication tool.”

In your preferred chat application, how many unread messages do you usually encounter? You will be flabbergasted with your answer after checking out your application. Most of you will get an answer in a single digit figure ‘ZERO.’ Messages in chat applications get extremely high open rates, which even reaches up to 88%.

A perfect amalgamation of automation and chat application is in trend, thereby emerging as a powerful tool that allows you to get more done and in lesser time. And, chatbots have become a popular form of automation that can carry a plethora of actions all on their own.


Get Acquainted With Chatbots

The dictionary meaning of chatbot is “A computer program designed to simulate a conversation with human users, especially over the Internet.”

The synergy between artificial intelligence and chatbots give birth to a formidable program that initiates a virtuous cycle of engagement with received messages. Chatbots can be programmed in such a way that it makes use of machine learning (ML) to adapt to various responses based on certain keywords to fit the situation.

Why chatbot is transforming itself into a business bot to ignite a conversation with potential customers, thereby helping them to gather and nurture the connections that matter, can be judged through the following facts:

The application of chatbots has gained a colossal momentum in the last few years, which is palpable from the following Google Trends too:

Get Acquainted With Chatbots

How Chatbots are being used to take Businesses to the next level

In today’s cut-throat competitive business environment, Darwin’s ‘Survival of the fittest’ theory benefits perfectly well. And one of the best ways for businesses to survive and outsmart their competitors is to automate as many of their processes as possible.  

Chatbots are a new trend in the business world, which has the capability of automating conversations throughout the organization, thereby knocking the door of the following benefits:

  • C– Conserve Time and Money

Bots have an immense potential to improve the efficiency and productivity of employees in businesses by helping the potential customers to provide with spontaneous solutions, thereby reducing operational costs, manpower, and valuable time. Even a study captured by Juniper Research reveals that ‘chatbots will help businesses save more than $8 billion per year by 2022.’

  • H– Harness Leads and Revenue

You will be startled to know that a myriad of potential customers leave their shopping cart because of the cumbersome and annoying steps to complete the order.

Even a study backs this fact by quoting that 23% of customers abandon their shopping cart because they had to create a new user account. Creating an account is a long and daunting process that leaves visitors with a facepalm. However, chatbots resolve this issue and effectively generate leads and convert them into sales.

For instance, eBay used android app development and iOS app development to come up with a virtual personal shopping assistant named as ShopBot to find items for visitors they are looking for on eBay, thereby making the entire process of selling and buying seamless and interactive.

H- Harness Leads and Revenue
  • A– Advice Users to Better Outcomes

Not all the customers are sure with the information they want to seek from your business website. Few visitors just visit your website to explore the stuff because of the word-of-mouth of your brand name. So, to turn such visitors into your customers, chatbots play a vital role.

Chatbots can ask series of common questions floating in the mind of visitors to route them to the best place where they can get apt information they are looking for. Although the questions will vary from business to business, some common queries are:

  • Where are you located?
  • What department are you in?
  • What industry are you looking for?
  • Would you like any sort of personal support?
  • T– Target Demographics and Psychographics

Chatbots act as a herculean weapon that hits the bullseye and garners important information about potential customers. And all this happens without irritating the customers and never making them realize that they are going through a never-ending survey. All this incommodious looking conversation becomes smooth and interactive with chatbots.

Even a survey reported that more than half of the consumers prefer messaging to other forms of communication when it comes to taking surveys. Hence, businesses should make use of this fact to attract customers and fetch relevant information from them.

T- Target Demographics and Psychographics
(Image Source- https://neilpatel.com/blog/bots-digital-marketing-strategy/ )
  • B– Bestow After-hours Support

A study held by Drift Data mentions that the 37% of customers use chatbots to get an answer or solution in case of an emergency. However, businesses can not afford to offer 24*7 support during the closed hours of business.

B- Bestow After-hours Support
(Image Source- https://www.drift.com/blog/chatbots-report/ )

However, employing a chatbot in your business provides access to the customers with relevant information even when the business is closed. Note that visitors expect a spontaneous response than brands can guarantee.

  • O– Offer Automation of Routine Tasks

A routine work, over a period of time, takes the form of a vicious cycle, which hurts both productivity and efficiency. An employee’s repetitive job paves the way for the errors that can affect the business badly.

However, chatbots work perfectly well in the repetitive environment without making a single error, thereby satisfying both the business and the customer. The automation of the repetitive tasks free the employees from routine, thus allowing them to perform other tasks beneficial to the business. 

  • T– Target Users in a Unique Way

Gone are the days when the queries of customers were resolved through a telephonic or an email conversation. Now, the same resolution is done in a new way, thereby building an interactive and fun experience for the users – Welcome to the world of chatbots!

One of the best example is how Domino’s made use of chatbots to order pizza in a simpler yet unique manner. It used the platform of Twitter to attract customers and allowed them to place an order by sharing an emoji. As soon as emoji is shared, the bots employed by Domino’s will route those orders and ask necessary questions to close the order.

T- Target Users in a Unique Way

Use Bots but Be Sagacious

No doubt we have seen a huge rise in the popularity of chatbots in the last several years. And many mobile app developmentcompanies are coming up with interactive chatbots.

However, one thing that remains inevitable is that customers will always seek for a greater experience. Bots can be used in the process of automating the marketing process, but note that it will never mean that you can make the entire marketing process impersonal. 

Customers are the utmost priority and businesses should think about them in every step of the way. Taking care of customers’ needs, assorted with the application of tools like chatbots is an ideal marketing strategy that will drive enormous profits.