5 Unique Ways of Decor for your Dream Wedding

Every one of us has many aspirations regarding our wedding. We want our wedding to be our real life fairy tale. We want everything to be perfect at least on that day. Every bride dreams of walking down an aisle in a fairy like gown and wearing a huge stud on her ring finger. After months of preparations and efforts the day has finally arrived and we want it to be the grandest day of our life.

Below we have some really wonderful and fresh ideas of decor that will surely turn your wedding into a dreamy wedding.

The Western Wedding Theme

Book a large villa or an open space at the countryside. Get the decorations planned all by you by including country style decors, attires, flowers, cowboy hats, western horseshoe, western bride and groom wedding cake. You can arrange a western band for playing music and the guests and you guys too can groove on their beats to have more fun. The food should be of country style which has coleslaw and cornbread to make everyone happy. The wedding cake must top with a single bride and groom cowboy shoe. For remembrance every guests should be given horseshoe magnet accessory to make the wedding memorable.

The Paradise Theme

Do want your wedding to be as perfect as heaven? Go for a paradise themed wedding. You can organise your wedding in a luxurious ball room. You must add elegant floral arrangements, drape the chairs with silky white robes, and let the hall be covered with lacy curtains. The Hall should be lighted with the fairy lights and keep the colours subtle to have classy effect. You can also organise this wedding at beach side or in a big backyard to get married under the twinkling stars. Wonderful arrangements for buffet dinners and cocktails must be well arranged. You can hire DJ for playing romantic sift tunes in the background.

The Forest Grove Theme

It would be very beautiful to take the wedding vows in nature’s lap and even nature witnessing the wedding. You can arrange this wedding in the lush green backyards or gardens. Keeping it simple drape the trees with white linens and make some flower arrangements. Also the sitting arrangements can be done under the trees. The climbers and creepers trees will make the set up look more pretty. You can also decide dress code and make the wedding look all white and green. The wedding cake has to be chosen accordingly. You can order romantic flowers online for your beloved on this special day to surprise her.

The Arabian Nights Theme

If you want to be unique with the wedding theme go for this one. This theme gives Middle Eastern vibes; the wedding can be planned at the poolside. You can arrange for exotic lamb dishes and arrange for foods like grapes, baklava, olives, and pita bread in brass plates. The glasses for the drinks should too be of brass. The drapes and cushions all around should be silk. Heavy lightning of red and green colours also Diamond chandeliers can be hanged along the dinner tables. The decor should be too lavish.

Vintage Wedding Theme

If you are planning for vintage wedding the laces are must in your wedding gown as well as in the decor. This wedding can be arranged in the terrace and vintage furniture can be used as decor. Bunch of well arranged flowers cab be decorated and placed on tables. And bride and groom on the top multi tier cake is must. For treating your girl you can get cake delivery at home after the wedding.

To make a dream wedding come true lot of preps are to be done like wedding theme, dresses of bride and groom, the interior of the wedding venue, cuisines, cake and the wedding rings and we hope our ideas help you guys.