Everything you need to know about DDoS Mitigation


DDoS is a term you need to know even if you don’t want to. It is Distributed Denial of Service that means numerous systems assailing one source. In a DDoS attack, several bots team up to become botnets and begin to attack the source of service.

DDoS can shut off your whole site if it hacks your system. After that, it won’t allow anyone to access the internet network or your website in that seems strange to DDoS. For bigger attacks, there is nothing much you can do. Mostly, you are just supposed to wait for this to endby itself.

As per a research, every year about 50 million attacks are registered.  DDoS attacks are becoming more and more complex and can simply attack anywhere in the system. Unfortunately, these have often been used for illegal activities.

One needs to be quick in doing something to deal with the situation. If you are not prepared, the cost of the mitigation would be pretty high. It can reach up to $52000 in small businesses; whereas, for an enterprise, it can cost up to $444,000.

Apart from the expenses, the company has to bear the loss of clients and productivity. Moreover, you lose hold of important data. The reputation of the firm also gets compromised. It gives a perception to the customers that the management is not well-prepared or may be careless about such incidents. This leads to customer disappointment when they rely on you for the safety of their internet services.

As DDoS attacks are becoming more and more brutal, it is crucial to strategize your defense mechanism. Here are some tips to mitigate such attacks.

You should be prepared

You should be prepared


Companies should have a plan ready to protect their network from any emergency situation. They need to anticipate the DDoS attack before it actually happens.

IBM’s Price believes that organizations are working on their ability to respond to such attacks in a better way.  She agrees that organizations are integrating their internal teams and application to stay prepared. It means that the companies are doing their bit to overcome the DDoS attacks.

Join DDoS protection services

The most doable thing in the context of DDoS mitigation is to join an external DDoS mitigation service. This way your network will be monitored all the time and a dedicated team would keep an eye on any excessive traffic and can instantly be blocked. It is also possible that you build your own DDoS protection infrastructure,but that process would be much more expensive than the first one.

A traditional defense mechanism is not reliable

It is a proven thing now that companies can not only rely on their conventional internal security devices such as load balancer, intrusion-prevention systems to prevent the attack. When things get serious, these systems are as venerable as the server that needs to be protected. For instance, if your 20GB server is attacked by a 200 GB DDoS, you won’t be able to cope up.

It is important to get services from some upstream network providers that can help you mitigate the attack.

Keep a plan to prevent application-layer-attacks

Keep a plan to prevent application-layer-attacks


These ones are more internalize attacks, so you need to do a deep-packet investigation to make sure every application layer is prevented. These attacks have been designed in a way to get into the roots.Tyler Shields, Vice President at Signal Sciences suggested that to protect the server from the application-layer-attacks, you will require an effective web protection tool. The tool should be aligned with your business logic.

Always stay alert

Even if you are able to prevent your server from the first DDoS attack, there is always a chance of the second attack.  Also, apart from staying cautious about DDoS, companies need to be aware that this can be a notion of a multifaceted attack to steal some important information.

Research has shown that it is not always big companies that are being attacked by DDoS, in fact, the interrelated digital industry every organization is under threat.


As the number of attacks and their intensity is increasing day by day, it is very important for organizations to materialize a concrete plan ready all the time to overcome this issue. Also, the companies are required to collaborate with other service providers to have their systems monitored by an external force all the time.

The best way to control or mitigate these attacks is to take away the assets the entities have, to attack the servers. This can be done by figuring out bots and coordinate with the responsible network operator to take fast and effective measures.