Five Perfect Reasons to Go Vegan

Having strong points which will compel you to ditch the animal product and opt for the vegan one is very important. 2016 was known as the year of vegan because many people turned into vegan that is completely living on plant product. People have adopted veganism to improve their personal health and reduce the killing of animals and making them suffer. Even some athletes have turned into a vegan, and there are scientific reasons behind it.

So, let’s see top five reasons that make turning into a vegan a reliable option.

Lose the extra weight

After consuming the rich calorie diet during this holiday season, we all have surely gained some extra weight which is making us difficult to fit into some clothing. So what would you prefer, working out at the gym for 6 months or just trying out the vegan products? Well, the later one sounds tempting to me. According to the studies it has been found that people who went completely vegan were losing more weight than that of the vegetarian and the omnivorous one. The natural tendency of the vegan diet is to reduce the calorie intake of a person which will thereby promote the weight loss program. So, it will effectively cut down your calorie intake without making you feel weak or fatigue.

Reduce the risk of heart disease

You can keep your heart healthy when you are consuming a lot of fresh legumes, fiber, vegetables, and fruits. You can have them in large servings but in a planned manner. The risk of suffering from the high blood pressure will be reduced up to 75%. Do no more popping of those high blood pressure pills. It will also reduce your blood sugar level and all the cholesterol level including LDL cholesterol. So, by reducing the sugar level, cholesterol and blood pressure to an optimal amount one can reduce the chances of heart disease by 46%. Vegan food is filled with nuts and grains which will not only keep your heart healthy but comes with numerous added benefits which will be discussed further.

Fight breast and ovarian disease

PCOS is one of the most common diseases which every other woman is suffering from. Though there is no specific treatment for curing PCOS if you can change your dieting habit and lose some weight and stay on the plant-based diet, then it can be cured to a certain level. For women who are suffering from PCOS should start consuming vegan dieting. In the vegan diet, you can find a lot of soy product which is famous for protecting your body against breast cancer. Apart from the chances of prostate and colon cancer also reduce to a considerable amount.

Improve your lifespan

Going vegan can give you the key to eternal youth along with several health benefits. When you are going completely vegan, you are protecting yourself from all the major illness starting from heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and even fatal diseases like cancer. According to the statistics it has been found that if a vegan diet is getting accepted globally then it can reduce the death per year by 8.1 million and that’s a terrific number. Staying healthy is very important if you want to increase your lifespan. So, by switching into the vegan dieting will be your baby steps towards a healthy living.

Good for the environment

The diet which includes consumption of the animal product has a higher impact on the environment than the plant-based diets. For the production of livestock farming, there is a high requirement of energy along with a lot of livestock accompanied by the emission of greenhouse gas. According to the study if everyone is adopting the vegan diet, then it can reduce the emission of up to 70%. This is one of the main reasons why people should stop feeding on animal products. Moreover, there are several campaigns which mainly focuses on reducing the cruelty of an animal which is highly rising due to the popularity of animal products starting from meat to milk. The extreme procedure which this innocent animal faces to meet the demand of us is pathetic, and that is why many people are taking the pledge of completely saying no to animal foods.

It may take you some time to adapt to the vegan dieting, but in the long run, you will be amazed to look into the amazing benefits that you are getting. Several stores will provide you with different varieties of vegan food, so if you have the thinking that vegan diet plans are boring, then it is the right time to change that mindset of yours. So, these 5 points are enough to convince you to go green.