When it comes to e-commerce websites, the site architecture matters a lot because such websites have thousands of pages and all these web pages should be optimized for the users. The simplicity of architecture is the key to success for online websites. The sooner you realize this statement, the better it is for your company. While implementing SEO techniques on your site, make sure that you optimize your website for mobile as well because people prefer using portable gadgets to access the internet. If the structure of your website is strong, you will perform better in the online market because your site won’t crash even if there is excessive traffic load on your web pages.

There are different ways to design the architecture for your website and in this particular article, you will get to know about some tips that you can use to make your website compatible with different platforms. Moreover, on-site SEO is also a very crucial part of your website as it helps to optimize your page so that your target market can see the website and place orders conveniently.


How to improve the architecture of your website?

In order to enhance the structure and architecture of your website, make sure that you keep your website simple and user-friendly. Users should not get confused when they land on your page. There are a number of things that you can do make your website look more appealing for the customers.

Overcome Scalability Challenges

A scalable architecture means that the website is easy to understand and can easily make room for additional pages in case there is an increase in the number of products that are to be sold. It is important to know the fact that once you are done crafting the architecture of your website, you cannot make changes to it. Therefore, being a marketer, your job is to provide directions for the organization so that it can steadily move towards growth.

On-Page E-Commerce SEO

It is true that whilst conducting SEO, you will be tempted to use medium tail keywords for every page but, it is not something that you should do repeatedly. Use long tail keywords and describe the keywords in detail so that you can display a sense of clear understanding and get the attention of the customers. In the title tag of your site, use the right long tail keywords along with rich modifiers as it will make the title tag more descriptive and appealing. You should also incorporate a call to action on your website so that customers are encouraged to take some action after reading your posts.

You can also carry out promotional campaigns on your website, for example; offering discounts or gift coupons to users who actually perform the action that was requested by you. Consider posting rich content on the product category page as it enables you to provide in-depth specifications of your products along with their features. The density of the keywords on such pages should be at least three times greater than the rest of the pages of your website. Market your brand by providing actual value to your customers.

Understand Meta Description

When it comes to SEO, Meta description carries a lot of importance because it leads your website to success by helping you attract customers to your web page. Meta descriptions are usually written within 160 characters and you are free to use them all but keep the description precise and to the point. The description must be appealing enough to attract user clicks and it should contain important keywords as well.

Understand Meta Description

Write Long Content

In SEO, long content is of crucial importance because you can write detailed specifications and explain the features in lengthy articles. Come up with different categories of products and reveal their prices and benefits for the customers. Short lines cannot describe the products in full and therefore, you should avoid writing short paragraphs on your website. The information that you post on your site should be descriptive enough for the users so that they do not have to go to another website to find details regarding that particular product. Use the keywords wisely as too many keywords might affect your site in a bad way.

Educate your customers about your brand and let them how the reason for which you exist in the market. The mission and vision of your business should be clear so that customers can easily understand the main objective of your organization.

Mention Keywords in the Content

When you are writing the content for your website, remember to embed the target keywords so that you can improve the ranking of your website on search engine platforms. However, do not stuff your articles with keywords as it may result in spam activity and search engines will penalize your website.

Use LSI Keywords

These keywords have a direct relationship with the nature of your product and can help you describe your products in detail. Note: LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing.

Create Precise URLs

The URL of your website should be short and precise so that customers can easily remember it. People do not really memorize the URLs, therefore, it should be easy enough to stay in the minds of the customers. In addition to this, the URL should be noticeable and it should relate to your brand. Short URLs rank better on search engine platforms as opposed to long URLs.

Create Precise URLs


To sum it up, search engine optimization and the architecture of your website can help you enhance the rank of your website. You just have to be smart enough to incorporate the things that increase the level of convenience for the users. Another important aspect is the speed of the internet, use a connection that is stable and fast like the one offered in Xfinity Internet Serviceso that you never come across any obstacles in your work. Finally, with the use of proper SEO strategies, you will be able to boost your website on search engine platforms to a very large extent.