Outlook is a very common email client for enterprises. Moreover, locating OST file does not seem to be rare in MS Outlook. At some point, you are working with Outlook running effortlessly; a small modification in profile setting and you will be gazing a message Outlook cannot find OST file in Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010. The most effective solution is not to change the default Outlook settings. However, if you want to make modification and additionally wish to erase the error, you can convert the OST file with a handy tool i.e. OST 2 PST Converter Tool.

How to Fix Outlook 2016

The data of user’s mailbox are stored in the local file of Outlook on the machine wherever it is configured. If Outlook profile is organized with a POP server, the data file is named as Personal Storage Table file. Moreover, if the account is configured with Exchange, the file created in Outlook is known as Offline Storage Table (or OST) file. However, there are many factors that distinguish both the file formats. PST file is machine independent and can be moved from one system to other while OST format is machine dependent. That is why people prefer to save the data in PST file rather than in OST. After performing conversion, the users can then import OST file into Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010.

Often, there are many other factors which are responsible for this conversion, this write-up covered a very common issue arises because of a OST file. In such instance, when Outlook cannot locate OST file and  annoys the users. Therefore, let us discover the solutions to fix the errorin this post and the possible solution to handle this situation.

Before going to troubleshooting method, let us look at a user problem and how this problem generally occurs:

Hello, I am using Outlook 2013 that was synchronized with Exchange Server. Due to professional reasons, I was trying to change the default location of .ost file. For this, I used the Registry method. But, the modification done in the entries ended up with an Outlook 2013 can’t find OST file error. Now, I found myself at a dead end. Please suggest me how to tackle this situation. What step should I take to fix Outlook error cannot access .ost file?”

After understanding the user query, let us find out the origin of this problem.


Why Outlook Cannot Find OST File Error Occur?

Whenever the users try to change Offline Storage Table file location using Window registry method, it might be possible that they receive Microsoft Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016 can’t find OST file error. The reason behind is that one can make a new MS Outlook account and then placed in Outlook registry entries as shown below:


Now, in the place of PROFILENAME key, the users have to mention the location of the system directory where he/she wants to save the OST file. However, after modification when one can restart the Outlook, the following error display on the screen:

Not a valid path. Outlook cannot find OST file”

This problem occurs in this method is due to lack of knowledge about OST file. The Exchange file cannot be moved from its default location. If the user really wants to migrate the OST file, then it requires the use of PowerShell command-line procedure. But the use of cmdlets is very risky and sometimes the Outlook files can also be corrupted. So, users required a risk-free solution and it is better to use the below-mentioned workaround to handle this error.


Technique to Fix Cannot Locate OST File in Outlook 2016 and Below Versions


The convenient way to resolve this issue is to convert OST file. This can be easily done with the help of reliable software. This tool is particularly designed to recover corrupted OST file and convert them into PST, EML, MSG file formats. With the help of this software, users can directly transfer the OST file into MS Office 365 account. In the situations like above, where the Outlook can’t locate OST file, conversion of the OST file is the best solution. The software embeds with lots of robust features that make the complete conversion so smooth and facile. Also, the tool can run on any Windows operating system without any interruptions.

Now, after taking good insight about the tool, let’s look at the working of software.


Bottom Line

Introduction of any Microsoft Outlook error disturbed the normal workflow of the Organization or home-users. Similarly, whenever the Outlook Cannot Find OST File error in Outlook 2013, 2016 occurs, it may lead to many problems. Sometimes, it results in data loss situation. So, it is better to save and backup the OST file in PST file format using OST to Outlook PST Converter. So, whenever any disaster occurs, the users can prevent their Exchange mailbox data.