If your pen drive is not showing files and folders. Then, You can try to make your data visible by using CMD or recover your data with the help of pen drive data recovery software.

Recover Data From Pen Drive


When I connect my 32 GB LG pen drive in my laptop. It shows the occupied space but when I want to open my data, It showing not any files and folders. I don’t know why the pen drive shows empty even when data exist. I stored very precious data in the pen drive please help me and suggest me the better solution for this.

Why Pen Drive Showing Empty Although it Has Data

USB pen drive files not showing but the space used is the main cause of data loss. Sometimes your pen drive misbehaves when users copy files and into them. A comparatively common misbehavior that happens is that the data you have worked on and are quite sure has been copied to the drive, goes missing. This might be sent you into a state of panic if you had not backed up your hours and hours of work.

In this article, you know about how to recover data from pen drive which is not visible. We provide you solution step by step:

Reason Behind Pen Drive Detected But Not Showing Data

  1. Pen drive might be damaged
  2. Users did not copy the files and folders to that pen drive
  3. Your files and folders were deleted
  4. Users data are hidden
  5. Virus/Malware attack

If users are confident about pen drive is not damage and users are confident that those data exist, the methods below will surely resolve your issues. These steps are relevant to data disappearance happening from virus/Malware attacks or hidden files.


Recover Data From Pen Drive Which is Not Visible by Using Unhide the USB Drive Data

If you hide your files and you don’t know how to Unhide the files. Just follow these steps that I have given below.

  1. Attach your pen drive to a laptop
  2. Right hit on the start button and select control panel
  3. Hit on appearance and personalization
  4. Under files explorer options hit on show hidden files and folders
  5. Hit Show hidden files, folders, and drives, and uncheck Hide protected operating system files (Recommended).
  6. Hit on OK button


Recover Data From Pen Drive Which is Not Visible by Using Command Prompt

  1. Press Windows + r and Type CMD
  2. Then Command Prompt (Admin) will open.
  3. Write disk part and press Enter.
  4. Write these command: attrib -h -r -s /s /d g:\*.*
  5. Write exit and Press enter


Recover Data From Pen Drive Which is Not Visible by Using Profession Software

If you still can’t see your files and folders by using the above two steps. Then, you can try pen drive data recovery software to recover missing data from pen drive that not showing any files and folders on windows OS. This software restores all types of data like documents, PPT files, Multimedia files and another files size, files name, extension and other related information. Apart from pen drive, the software can bring back huge data from different storage devices such as memory card or SD card and other storage media on windows OS. Users can extract files and folders from formatted, corrupted and deleted pen drive data with the help of this software. The tool works efficiently on all windows version like Windows 8, 7, and all below version. Now I am describing software working process step by step.

  1. Download pen drive data recovery software
  2. The software provides you two recovery option Scan and Formatted Scan
  3. Search and preview recovered pen drive data
  4. Save your recovered data in your PC


In today era most of the users want to their data accessible from pen drive and they needs proper solution. I hope this article is helpful for users.