If there is one thing in our present political environment, we have taught that conflict is indispensable.
Conflicts occur between people on spouses, parents and children, brothers and sisters, Democrats and Republicans, employees and supervisors, chief executives and boards, pastors and church leaders, social media, and innumerable of endless methods.
Sadly, in our world of instant messaging and social media, conflicts are just a click away or unwanted tweet away. Like the spark that ignited the fire of a massive forest, conflicts can combust in a battle that destroys relationships, careers and everything in its path.
And in this explosive culture in America-where the intentions have endlessly challenged, criticism is unkind, fad is celebrated and in the event of an influence anyone is under detailed investigation-conditions are getting matured for the conflict.
Now, some people can be used to stay in such conflict so that they do not even notice anymore, but the studies have serious consequences of showing unsolved conflict. For example, a review conducted by Harvard Business 83 senior managers recently by a review of these officials revealed that the estimated unproductive office of their companies wasted more than $ 7,000. They accept another $ 8,000 daily “ignoring important problems because they were wasting due to people who want to avoid conflict.”
So why don’t people solve the conflict? Why do they boil their anger in an angry, private or public way? I believe that this happens because they just do not know the action to take a look at the solution.
The truth is that there is no easy way to solve the conflict, but for years I have learned some actions there that we can take to face it and live through it. Here are three steps you can take today to solve the struggle in your life:

Be prepared to take responsibility

We know that people do not want to remain in conflict and want to see it, even then no one wants to take responsibility for it.
Let me encourage you to be one to take responsibility for the struggle. It can not be easy, and you may have to swallow your pride. But if you are honest with yourself, do you really want to continue feeling the way you feel, while you can solve it and live in personal freedom? I know the answer, and I think that you do as well.
Although the situation or relation can never happen, when taking responsibility for conflict is a long-term decision for good. The situation or relationship can not be a lifetime, but you can follow the effects of unresolved conflict for a long time.

Forgive and choose to go to

We can learn, practice and teach what Jesus says about forgiveness. When his disciples asked him how many times he should forgive his neighbor – “seven times?” – He said, “No, not seven times, but seventy times 70!” (Matt¬†18:22, NLT). This Jesus did not mean that we were really forgiving one another 490 times, and on the 491th occasion we are free to hold a complaint. He was basically speaking about forgiving his disciples and letting them go. Just as God freely forgives us, then we are sorry to others.
By the way, forgiveness is not set up only by the person who is free to us – this also frees us from the grave impact of discontent and anger. In fact, when we practice pardon, we can become the conduit of reconciliation with us and others. Encourage others to take their next step and be prepared to take the responsibility for the struggle. If necessary, encourage them to set up an appointment to deal with it, through a phone call in the right person or person. If things are difficult, then appeal to a third person so that you can solve it. Just solve it Forgive and let go.

Resolve to live as a pacifist

While shouting loudly, which America can appreciate, you need to live as a pacifist.
Jesus said, “There are the merchants, for they will be called the sons of God” (Matt 5: 9, HCSB). There are some people in the US who are willing to live like this, and instead of being truth, instead of the words of truth, a social media is going on a rant that fans speak of the fire of the struggle. We need to get more done. Resolve to live as one.
We are living in a time when the righteous qualities of harmony, self-control and naarata are fake and ridiculous. Stop poisoning you today’s politics Angry that others refuse to take on looks. It is to live your life. Refused to live his life in conflict.
By:- Twig Trends