Every business needs to advertise their brand, products, and services to approach more and more customers. Using signage for advertising is a great way to promote your business. Businesses use a variety of signage for advertising their products and services.

One such form of signage is the vehicle wraps that only a few companies use for advertising. Some businesses use vehicle wraps for marketing their brand while some never use them. However, vehicle wraps also called car signage can benefit your business in many ways.

Low Cost

Vehicle wraps are the most inexpensive forms of signage available. Because of the small size, the cost of developing the vehicle wraps is low as compared to billboards and construction banners. Unlike the TV and radio commercials that are a recurring cost advertising, vehicle wraps are a one-time investment.

If you live in Brisbane, you can get the car signage Brisbane at reasonable prices. Once you develop and install the signs on the vehicles, they continue to advertise your business wherever they go.

Brand awareness

Spreading the brand awareness is the most important task for new businesses. People don’t want to buy from a company they don’t know about. Imagine if you’re going to buy a cold drink, which brand comes to your mind. It would be Coke or Pepsi before any other brand.

Vehicle wraps are the best, when you want to communicate your brand among people in an area. When people know your brand, they would like to check your products and services.

Long lasting

Vehicle wraps are made of vinyl material that is not affected by the harsh weather conditions. The bright colors of vinyl banners don’t get fade by the scorching sun or torn by the rainwater. The solvent inks and vinyl material are water resistant and stay as it is in all weather conditions.

Once you get your vehicle wraps developed, you don’t need to replace them before 2 to 3 years until your replace or discontinue your product or service.

Strong impression

The vehicle wraps printed in bold graphics and colors with your company logo and text makes a strong impression on the minds of viewers. They make a statement that leaves a lasting impression on the people who see them. People remember your business and brand and may buy from you sooner or later.


Unlike the stationary signs like Billboards and vinyl banners, the vehicle wraps move with your cars and can be used to cover different areas. The static signage is visible to only the people who visit the places of their installation. Therefore, car signage offers you more exposure than other banner signs. You can use the car signage to cover the isolated areas where the installation of banner signs is not allowed.

Short term advertisement

If you want to organize and advertise an event for your business, vehicle wraps are the perfect medium. After the event, you may want to remove the signage from your vehicles. The vinyl banners can be removed easily without damaging the paint of your vehicle. This quality of vehicle wraps makes them perfect for the advertising of short-term events.  However, you need to install a high-quality vinyl banner on your cars. Low-quality banners can damage your vehicle paint.

Work for every business

Vehicle signs are equally effective for every type of business whether big or small. Even though large organizations use it for advertising their products and services, even startups and small businesses can use them for their brand awareness. They are beneficial for startups as they don’t have a huge marketing budget.

Vast exposure

Car signage can offer an extensive exposure to any business. Studies show that a vehicle travels around 20,000 miles every and passes at least 10 million cars. Also, the car passes through huge pedestrian traffic. Therefore, a car can market your brand and business to at least 50,000 people every day. Vehicle wraps can advertise a brand, product or service to more number of people as compared to static banners like billboards and construction signage.

No effect on Vehicle

Using the vehicle wraps has no adverse impact on the body of the car or its paint. They don’t affect the performance of the safety of the vehicle. Moreover, you can service and wash your car without worries as the vinyl signs are water resistant. The car wraps are not damaged by brushing or washing the vehicles. Even you can use the vinyl signage on your favorite car without worries.

Final Words

Vehicle wraps are great for advertising, especially for startups. The above points describe the benefits of using car signage. Businesses signs in Brisbane use vehicle wrap for advertising their products and services. If you have a company in Brisbane, you can search for various car signage Brisbane services to get your vehicle wraps developed.