Cardio workouts are best for our body as they offer plenty of health benefits. They keep your body in good shape, helps you burn fat and are good for your heart. Cardio workouts build endurance improves muscle strength and keeps diseases at bay.

If you visit a gym in Brisbane, you can see many people doing cardio on exercise bikes Brisbane. However, like anything, too much cardio can be bad for your body. Cardio is best when done according to the requirements of your body and fitness goals.

However, people do too much cardio to achieve a lean body like celebrities which does more harm than good. Your body show you signs that you are doing too much of cardio every day or week. This post shares some common signs that indicate you are doing too much cardio for your body.

Your body struggles to lose fat

When it comes to losing fat, it is common thinking that the more cardio will help you burn fat quickly. However, doing too much cardio can lead to muscle loss, and your metabolism becomes slower. With slow metabolism, it becomes tough to lose fat.  That is why people doing too much cardio struggles losing weight. Therefore, it is essential to do the cardio in moderation and under the supervision of a qualified instructor.

You feel drained of energy

Cardio workouts are a natural energy booster, and you should feel energized by doing the exercises. However, doing too much exercise can lead to loss of energy, as you consume more of it than you get from your diet.

An exercise is a form of physical stress, and it adds to the overall stress that your body deals with daily. If you are already dealing with other types of stress like mental stress due to busy work schedules, too much cardio can increase your overall stress. Your body cannot tolerate excessive stress that leads to an overall decrease in energy.

You still struggle to get a toned body

Some people work out every day but strive to achieve that toned body they crave for. Actually, they are doing the wrong types of exercises. Yes, doing cardio can help you lose weight, but it cannot help you to get those curves you desire.

Cardio workouts reduce fat but overexercise leads to losing muscle, due to which you don’t get that desired tone and shape. Therefore it is essential to know how much cardio is good for losing fat and retain muscle.

You have sore joints

If you deal with chronic sore muscles or achy joints, it means you are stressing your body by doing over cardio. The chronic soreness can develop steadily in the joints, and it is easy to overlook the same. You may not be able to notice it, but too much cardio may take a toll on your joints.

To know how much cardio you should do, you should check how your body feels after a few minutes of cardio. For example, see how you feel after running on a treadmill or park. If you feel sore knees or ankles, you need to rest and do the cardio on alternate days.

Exercise bikes help you prevent injuries to a much extent. If you live in Brisbane, look for some good quality exercise bikes Brisbane and work out on those instead of running on the ground.

Lack of sleep

If you ever talk to your doctor about lack of sleep, he or she would advise you doing workouts. Exercise if done in moderation can help improve sleep and cure insomnia. However, too much of workout can lead to the release of stress hormones. The stress hormones can keep you turning and tossing in your bed without sleep. Try cutting the time you spend while cardio workouts and see what happens.

Can’t-lose Belly Fat

Some people struggle to lose that belly fat. They try to do as much as cardio they can but still struggle to achieve the flat abs they always dream. The problem is that cardio alone cannot help you lose belly fat.

You need to do other exercises to burn belly fat and get those toned abs on your stomach. Ask your gym instructor about which cardio and other exercises you should be doing to achieve a flat and strong core.

Strength training: The solution to over cardio

If you are experiencing any of the above-given symptoms, it’s time to cut down your cardio and change your exercise plan. A mix of strength training workouts and cardio is the solution to over-exercise. Strength training will help you maintain your muscle mass and prevent injuries.

The increase strength and flexibility protects your joints and muscles from injuries. Mixing cardio with strength training also reduces the stress on your body and maintains your energy levels.

Final Words

These are the common signs showing you are doing too much cardio. No solo category of exercise can help you achieve your fitness goals. It is best to perform a mix of exercises under the supervision of a qualified instructor to lose weight, stay fit and achieve your dream body.