Where to attest documents - Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation Dubai (1)

For the sake of attestation of the documents, THE expats need to take the help of the ministry of foreign affairs (MOFA). Those are because they will stamp the documents which will make sure that the documents are not fake.

After the ministry of foreign affairs stamps the documents, they will then be ready to get processed by the government in UAE.

no matter what type of visa you are applying for, you need to make sure that all of your documents are original and not fake. For that, you need to attest them from the ministry of foreign affairs. They will stamp the documents and the documents will be sent for further processing by the UAE government.

Paper is necessary

without proper paperwork, you cannot get a visa from any country. no matter what sort of a visa is that you ought to have the proper paperwork done regarding that. if you do not, you will not be granted a visa to visit the country.

Hire a service or do it by yourself

for the sake of the authentication of the documents, you have to do a lot of work. you need to get them attested and for that, you must approach the MOFA attestation Dubai. All of it requires a lot of seat of the person because the person has to do a lot of work for it. this is the reason some people get the services of attention so that they do not have to stress over such things. Not all the people do it. some people do their work by their own selves. They do not get any sort of services for that. there is no as such difference in the attestation whether you get it from an agent or do it by yourself.

The main difference if exist is the one of accuracy. This is because not all the people are aware of the correct procedures of the attestation of the documents. The service providers are mostly very well at it. they know how to attest the documents and what steps should be taken at which point. That is why if you are considering a service provider for the sake of attestation, it is quite a good step. it will not only save you from the stress but will also provide you with an accurate piece of work.

Documents to be attested by MOFA

  • Wedding certificates
  • Records transcripts
  • University diplomas
  • Birth certificate
  • Other documents of government

All of the documents need to be attested in a proper manner. there might be some documents which need to get attested by the own country of the person. All of these little details should be considered before taking any step or else it will cost you more time and money.

Approve your documents

All the people who want the visa form foreign countries, they must make sure that all of their documents are authentic. They should approve of it and if not, they will not be able to enter any foreign county. If the visa is not granted, entry of the person is prohibited from the country.